Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changes Changes Everywhere

The last couple of months have brought a lot of changes to our household.  It began back in November.  Candi was invited by Facebook friends to attend a new show on  As we settled in to listen, we became so inspired that Patton and myself dictated a couple of reviews to Candi.  That started us on a path to doing things we would never have imagined doing.

After being encouraged to learn more about radio by listening to some talk shows, Candi called into The Freedom's Wings Show as a joke.  See, she was going to harass Diane Student and leave her speechless.  It  Then she called in a couple of more times to express an opinion or sing a song and before we knew what had happened, Diane had asked Candi if she would be her producer.  Now thankfully, Diane does all her own research and Candi just mans the phone lines and occasionally will go on air with a story or rant that has a special interest for her.  So far, it's been working out pretty well.

Then in January, BigDawgMusicMafia asked Candi to do their live video stream show called "Off The Cuff 'n' Ruff".  Nothing worked right, but that didn't stop us.  Nope...Candi continued on improvising as she went.  Lisa Mei Norton, one of the co-founders, then asked us to "host" the show.  All we have to do is broadcast for a few moments and give an introduction to that week's artists.  Easy enough...right?  Yeah...that is until you have a last minute cancellation for technical or personal reasons.  At that point, Candi goes live for an hour just winging it and making things up as she goes along.  It's usually pretty entertaining as she is the sort of person that can be talked into doing silly things or even be made to laugh until she  But it's fun and we enjoy doing it.

Now, Candi is co-hosting another internet radio show brought to you by and  It's the BigDawg's Music Hour show.  Unforseen changes and an illness have put her in a position to be solo in her duties for now, but we are figuring it out as we go.  It's fun watching her choose her songs for the week's show and do introductions for them.  Since she doesn't know what she's doing, she usually just goes with what feels natural and right.  The interviews she conducts for the show are done the same way.  

I have to tell you guys, seeing Candi re-adjust and doing the "learning as you go tap dance" has been entertaining to Patton and I.  We're also enjoying the extra hugs and attention we're getting during showtime as she wonders how others are taking it.  We're on an adventure right now and having a blast.  We don't know how long this adventure will last or where it will eventually lead us, but we're going to enjoy the ride.  We're going to enjoy the politics of The Freedom's Wings Show and the music from  It's a perfect mix for this home and we're counting our blessings for the opportunities.  Look for us on the internet airwaves and the blogs.  We're definitely around.

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