Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Important Week In History

My human says this is probably the most important week of her generation’s lifetime.  She told me that the Supreme Court would be hearing arguments about Obamacare this week and deciding if it was constitutional or not.  A lot of people are attending rallies around the country and there is something going on everyday this week in Washington, DC.  Patriots all across this land are raising their voices to speak out against the tyranny that threatens our freedom. 
On this past Saturday, she attended the “Road To Repeal” rally with Diane Student and Lisa Mei Norton.  She stood in the rain and the cold for two hours freezing with other patriots from around the country.  They joined their voices together with others so that they could be heard by Obama and the Supreme Court.  I know that she would have liked to stay in DC for the entire week, but she had to return and see to the business she runs with her family.  My heart breaks for her because she is not where she wants to be this week and is instead where she needs to be in order to be a contributing member of society.  I am so grateful for the kindness of Diane Student and Lisa Mei Norton who made it possible for her to take the opportunity to stand up and be heard.  And although she can’t be there the rest of this week, there will be other dedicated patriots to take up the banner in DC and continue the fight there.
History is being made right now.  The fate of our country will be determined by nine people.  Will they adhere to the principles set forth in the constitution by our founding fathers?  Or, will they decide that 536 people in Washington should have control over every aspect of American life? 
I know that I’m just a canine, but I agree with my human that this is the most important week in the life of her generation.  I agree with her that freedom and the American way of life are at stake this week.  I pray that the Supreme Court rules in favor of the American people that Obamacare is unconstitutional.  I will attend every local rally and event with my human to help raise our voices against the tyranny that this legislation will usher in if the Court should rule in favor of Obama and his cronies.  Will you raise your voice with ours and shout out against Obamacare?  Will you help us let the Supreme Court know that We The People find this intrusion into our lives unacceptable? 

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  1. You're welcome Shasta! I had fun driving with your human and hanging out at the rally with her and she is braver than you thought. The rally lasted nearly three hours and I would bet all together, we were in the cold and rainy weather for four hours. Her ice cube fingers indicated that for sure. I wish we could have stayed, but we continue the fight here at our homes trying to educate those who don't care to pay attention that this ruling could forever change our Republic. If ObamaCare is upheld, we are no longer a Republic and tyranny reigns.