Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remember The Fourth of July

My human says that we live in a ‘red county’ but that it means little anymore.  She’s pretty peeved right now that there are no Fourth of July celebrations planned.  No parade, no fireworks display, no live bands playing patriotic music…nothing, nada, zilch!  Yep, the Ponytail Patriot is fired up about it.

Even I, a mere canine, know how lucky we are to live in America.  So why aren’t we celebrating the birthday of our beloved country.  It’s because the politicians in control don’t want to offend illegal aliens or ethnicities that are living here.  That’s right, I said it.  The few and illegal are dictating to the rest what we will and will not celebrate.  Oh, they use the excuse that it’s because it’s during the middle of the week but I’m not buying it.  They could do like other communities and have their celebrations on the weekend before or after!  Conservative and Liberals alike are too afraid of offending a potential voter to do the right thing.

That is why we have to be diligent in vetting our candidates for all levels of elected government.  We must know that they will stand up for what is right.  Just like Candi must be diligent in her surroundings to avoid an outbreak of poison ivy (she has it pretty bad right now).  It is not enough to know WHAT they stand for.  We must know that they WILL stand.  And “We the people” must demand that the hold the ground on our behalf once we have elected them to office.

This Fourth of July, our town will have no parade.  We will have no fireworks.  We will have no celebration of Independence and the birth of this great nation that was founded on FREEDOM.  This is unacceptable in this canine’s eyes and something that I cannot permit to happen again.  Regardless of what day of the week it falls on, or who might be offended (they are free to leave if they don’t like it here) the birth of America should be celebrated!

We are going to celebrate in our own way.  It will include patriotic movies (most of them from the 40’s), Candi will be going to the pool for a bit and blasting Madison Rising’s version of The Star Spangled Banner (yes, she’s taking speakers so everyone can enjoy it), and a walk.  She’ll probably make us some hotdogs too.  Ok…so the hotdogs are my favorite part of the holiday, but it’s the only day she lets me have one.  I hope that each of you will find a way to celebrate and honor what our Founding Fathers intended.  Whether you have the traditional celebrations in your town or not, please don’t forget to honor their vision.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.  God Bless America!

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