Tuesday, June 26, 2012

She Cried Today

My day started out as it usually does.  Play/training time from 4-5 a.m., a long walk with my human and Patton, and then settling in with coffee and the morning news.  It was during the news that things changed. 

During a segment featuring a new TV/radio ad from the current administration, I looked over to find my human sobbing.  I grabbed Patton and whispered that she needed our comfort and we should be really nice to her.  We padded up to where she sat on the sofa and laid our heads in her lap.  And then I looked up with compassion in my eyes and asked, “Candi, why are you crying this morning?”  Her response saddened me beyond belief.

“I no longer recognize the country I have loved my entire life,” she said.  “When I was a child, Shasta, people were embarrassed to be on government assistance of any kind.  Now I am watching an ad on television encouraging Americans to apply for food stamps.  I am seeing people willingly enslaving themselves to government constraints.  This is not what my grandparents and uncles fought for in WWII.  It isn’t what my dad fought for in Vietnam.  It isn’t what my brother spent a career in the military defending.  And it’s not what my nephew fought for in Iraq.  I no longer recognize the America our Founding Fathers created and my heart is broken.”

For a canine, there is nothing more sorrowful than not being able to comfort your human.  Patton and I found ourselves in that position this morning.  Candi could not be comforted.  Her sense of loss was overwhelming and you could taste it in the air.  I have stood with her in her fight for this country and I will now stand by her side and share her pain.  I am also determined that this loss she feels shall not be permanent.  We will see the restoration of the American dream and the end of the entitlement mentality so prevalent in today’s society. 

She cried today but as God is my witness, she will not cry tomorrow!

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