Monday, June 25, 2012

Hint Hint Hint

My human is usually following the news of the day and worrying about the country.  When she isn’t doing that, she’s enjoying what she has.  Things like taking Patton and myself on long walks or spending the day with her daughter.  Little things like that.  As a result, she has little to no patience for those who would talk to her about their silly lives or even ask her about her life.  Trust me folks, there is a reason she walks around with a “Don’t talk to me” look on her face…she doesn’t care what others are doing if their decisions are not affecting her life!

Every single day she is confronted with people who insist on trying to get to know her better.  They constantly bombard her with questions about her personal life and are giving her more information about their personal lives than she cares to know.  In every instance, she gives them a look or says something mean spirited about how she doesn’t care to chit chat with them.  You’d think they would get the message.  But NOPE…they keep trying.  Even Patton learned quickly that you can get your head bitten off for irritating her and he was only a puppy.

I live with Candi day in and day out.  I adore her and worship the ground she walks on.  I know just how fascinating she is to Patton and how determined she is to make a difference in her country.  What I don’t know is why everyone else finds her so fascinating that they are willing to risk verbal decapitation to get to know her better.  She has made it clear that the things they talk about is of little to no interest to her and that she does not want them in HER personal business. 

Let me make this perfectly clear to those who would continue their pursuit of getting closer to my human.  Stop it!  I don’t want to bite you but I will if you continue to irritate her.  I love my human and will do whatever necessary to protect her from morons who can’t grasp the concept of “Leave me alone” when it comes to her.  Got it?  Good!

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