Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rules Don't Apply To Dryer Lint

Every night my human takes Patton and I out for a walk.  She tries to be considerate of neighbors and their animals by taking us out when others would not normally be out.  The reason for that is because other humans have not or do not train their companions well enough.  As a result…I am often attacked by smaller canines.  Last night was a prime example.
On our way back inside from our walk we came across a neighbor who had her “dryer lint” (I swear it wasn’t a real dog) out.  “Dryer lint” was not on a leash.  We could not see them so, as we turned the corner “dryer lint” saw us and immediately rushed us and attacked me.  Now, I am a patient canine and play well with other canines.  However, I will not tolerate being attacked simply for existing.  I decided to defend myself.
The problem was NOT that I defended myself.  Candi could have handled that.  She has in the past.  No, the problem was that Patton decided I need help.  The human of the “dryer lint” was yelling at all of us but doing nothing to help my human keep us apart.  The end result, Candi ended up face first in soggy ground after twisting her leg/ankle in an attempt to keep control of me and Patton.  There we were tangled up together, slightly damp while the other human finally picks up her “dryer lint” and disappears into the night.
Now here is OUR problem with what happened.  Had Candi not had me and Patton on leashes, this same woman would have raised all kinds of a fuss about it.  Want to know how I know this?  Because she’s a liberal (she proudly displays an Obama sticker on her vehicle) and we all know that the rules only apply to conservatives and their companions.   Because of “dryer lint” not being on a leash, not having any manners whatsoever, AND its human failing to obey leash laws, Candi got hurt.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking that next time Candi should turn us loose and allow us to have “dryer lint” as a late night snack!!!!

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