Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Hillary Is Not A True Bitch

Candi has had her say and Patton has had his regarding the non-action of the current administration and their clear lack of respect for American life.  Now, it’s my turn and I’d like to direct my comments directly to Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Clinton, I have heard many people call you a bitch over the years.  People within your own party have referred to you in just such a way.  However, the name most definitely does not apply to you.  Let me explain why.
First, no bitch with any self respect would have married a lying cheating man like you did.  We would have known better.  A true bitch would have sent that man packing as soon as he came sniffing around.

Second, no bitch with any self respect would conduct herself in such humiliating and undignified ways as you have on a few of your foreign trips.  Seriously, you know you can’t dance, so why were you trying to bump and grind with other women?  The picture of you drunk and acting like a fool made me sick to my stomach.  Please!  You represent America, so show a little dignity and pride on your travels through the world.

Last, no self respecting bitch would sit idly by while U.S. citizens are attacked.  We would not issue apologetic statements that our enemies could easily misconstrue as a statement of solidarity with their “feelings”.  We would not allow anyone in any nation to threaten our homeland and just smack their little hand and send them to the corner!
NO!!  Any true self-respecting bitch would not degrade herself by tying herself to a man of no principles or morals.  We would not humiliate ourselves by dancing in an obviously drunken state with other women.  And we most certainly would not meekly stand by while our family and friends were under attack, but instead we would send them to the depths of hell to which they belong.

So do us all a favor Ms. Clinton.  Stop embarrassing those of us who are truly bitches, shut up and go back home.  America does not need or want you representing us any further on foreign soil!

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