Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New "Breed" of Talk Show Hosts

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!  My human, Candi, says this is going to be an awesome year for patriots across America.  She's an upbeat and positive person that way.  And well, me being me, I'm right there with her.  I know that for us, personally, it's going to be beyond awesome.  We've had the honor to meet some amazing people in the last year and can't wait to see what we can ALL accomplish together.

Thanks to awesome people like Matthew Vermillion, founder of LibertyBellRadio.com, we have discovered an entirely new "breed" of patriots.  The internet radio talk show host.  At Matt's suggestion, we began to check out internet talk radio back in November of 2011.  We found great shows like America Akbar with Gadi Adelman on the Radio Jihad Network, The Freedom's Wings Show with Diane Student, OKforTea Radio with Matt and Harold Vermillion and many more.  All of these shows can be found on blogtalkradio.com.  As we began to tune in, a thought occurred to me.  "Candi," I said, "I think that the internet talk radio shows are going to be a driving force in 2012 elections.  Americans are tired of being told by mainstream media and the "big" radio talk shows, what to think of the candidates and current events.  This new "breed" of talk show hosts have an entirely NEW way of looking at things and expressing it in entertaining ways."

Candi agreed with me.  "Shasta, there is so much more variety on the internet that the message has a better chance of getting out and being heard.  No two people are going to agree 100% on HOW to get the message out and that's why variety is so important.  Something else I've noticed is how the various hosts pop in and out of each other's show chatrooms to show support for their fellow hosts.  I bet the "big" guys don't do that."

For quite a while, my human has been telling everyone how important it is to support one another in our individual endeavors to have a positive impact.  We don't all have to take the same path to reach the same end goal!  For example, Gadi talks about Islam and it's infiltration into our everyday lives, the impact it has and the consequences.  He encourages debate and his producer Reese Ccup "rocks" the chatroom during breaks by playing music from some of the great artists over at BigDawgMusicMafia.com.  Matt and Harold Vermillion talk about the effects of policy coming out of D.C. on their state, as well as the nation.  The father and son team entertain us with sound clips and opinion, while giving us valuable information on local issues in Oklahoma.  Matt also re-airs his show and several others on his internet radio station LibertyBellRadio.com.  Diane Student of The Freedom's Wings show uses her natural wit and humor to entertain while informing us about national current events.  Every once in a while, Diane likes to allow her chatroom just get silly and break up the monotony and gloom of such heavy topics.  It makes it fun and entertaining to listen to, because you never know what's going to happen next.

The above mentioned shows are just three of the shows that are available to political junkies like my human.  There are many more, but we can't remember all the names to the shows.  We cheat and get email reminders for the shows we can listen to and download the podcasts to listen later to the ones that air in the middle of the night. Each host is unique and we've enjoyed getting to know them.  That feeling that you're a part of the show is one of the things that make these shows great.  Rather than being "preached at" by those talk shows airing on your local radio stations, you're thoughts and opinions are just as valuable and make you feel as if you are contributing.  Active participation is so much cooler than passive listening...just my opinion.  I've included the links to the three shows mentioned, and strongly encourage everyone to check them and others out.  Candi and I will be looking for you in the chats!


Just so everyone knows....hehehe....Candi has joined The Freedom's Wings show as Diane's producer.  The New Year has brought my human a new friend and a new project.  And...given that both Diane and Candi are, shall we say...rather unique....the show is bound to be hilarious at times.  Come join them for some common sense and irreverent commentary.

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  1. Shasta, thank you for your kind remarks and listening into the show! You forgot to mention your little brother, Patton, made his radio debut on the Freedom's Wings Show. I thank you for agreeing to let your human Candi become producer of the show and I agree that the two of us will provide much hilarity and entertainment to carry us through 2012! The Fight Is On!

    Diane Student