Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Only Fair and Balanced When You Agree With The Decision...Really?

This morning, my human and I woke to rain and thunder.  Patton had gotten into the pot that holds our tree and there was potting soil all over the place.  After getting it all cleaned up, taking us out in the rain and getting her cup of coffee, she settled in to watch the news and check out what was being talked about on the internet.  All of a sudden I heard, "Are you kidding?  With everything going on in the country and the world, you people seriously want to criticize FOXNews for hiring someone from the left to be a contributor.  Way to focus on the IMPORTANT issues!  Ughhhhh!!!!"

Now, being the canine that I am and loving my human the way I do, I thought I'd check out what she was referring to.  It seems that FOX News has decided to hire an open lesbian that shuns feminine attire AND has been a frequent guest on shows at their competitor MSNBC.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't their tag line "Fair and Balanced"?  Seriously...are they supposed to only hire contributors from the right?  How would that be fair?  How would it be balanced?  It wouldn't!

I have to agree with my human on this.  It is important to hear ALL sides.  Just because she doesn't agree with a person's ideology doesn't mean she should refuse to even give them the courtesy of listening to their point of view.  How are we supposed to vote intelligently if we don't listen to all sides and points of view?  Educating ourselves is "arming ourselves".  We can't be truly educated on the issues if we don't hear from the opposition.  You can't fight their ideology if you don't know what it is.  

I realize that we are going to upset a lot of people with our thoughts on this, but tough!  You need to hear it!  If you're only getting one point of are NOT knowledgeable on the are regurgitating what you heard from people you like.  You're a "sheeple" if you do that!  Grow up America!  Stop being so myopic in your listening and viewing choices.  You want to talk about the issues...then you need to hear all sides of the issues!  So what if the woman is a lesbian?  Sarah Palin is a wife and mother.  I'd call that "balanced" and I'd certainly call it "fair".  Kudos to FOXNews for braving the disappointment of the "right" and bringing on another left-wing point of view.  In this house...we enjoy the debates!  And quite frankly, we're sick of the "we're right and you're wrong, so I won't listen to anything you say" attitudes from BOTH liberals and conservatives!

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